Web Directions Summit 2019

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Sten Pittet

The 4 stages of outcome-driven teams

Sten Pittet Co-founder & CEO Tability

OKRs are on the rise, but too many teams are still rushing their implementation before the team is ready. Switching from producing deliverables to delivering value takes time, and there are significant cultural changes that need to happen first.

In this talk, Sten will introduce a simple 4-stage maturity model for outcome-driven teams, and show how you can grow your goal-setting muscle to move up the ladder.

Sten Pittet

Sten is the co-founder and CEO of Tability. Before that, Sten held multiple roles in software development, including being Product Manager at Atlassian. Outside of work, he's sharpening his fathering skills and likes to pretend he can surf.

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