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Anna Lee Anda

Minimising bias to create a well rounded product

Anna Lee Anda UX Researcher Zendesk

From the outset of a project there are risks that you end up designing for particular or the wrong customers rather than the right ones. In this talk I will be covering ways at Zendesk we minimise bias to to ensure teams have full context of the problem space and the users.

More often than not organisations don’t have a dedicated UX Researcher or there is not one available for every scrum team. Nonetheless, it is helpful to learn about your users in these practical and lightweight ways so that your products are well informed and have a clear definition of what you are solving.

Learning about your users does not have to be a full blown project in itself, some of methods give you enough insight to make critical decisions around product development. At Zendesk we use some of these techniques as ways to learn about our customers to help us in both design and product development.

We'll cover

  • The impact of bias from the inception of a project
  • Knowing who to recruit for a project
  • Ways to interview and language to avoid bias
  • Survey design and how words can derail the outputs
  • Getting the team involved as a check
  • Triangulating with data to help

This talk is relevant to anyone and everyone, but is particularly useful for those with an existing customer/user base and who don’t interact with them much. You’ll be inspired to learn about your users more and know how to do so.

Anna Lee Anda

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