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Sara Soueidan

Accessibility: Small Steps for a larger Audience

Sara Soueidan Front End Developer

s front-end developers, we are tasked with building the *front* end of a Web site or application — in other words, we are building the *user's* end of an interface. This is why it is crucial that we ensure that the front-end foundations that we build are as inclusive of and accessible to as many users as possible. To do that, we must build with accessibility in mind from the get-go. This, in turn, means that the way we approach writing HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript *might* need to change as we take into consideration many factors that affect how (in)accessible our UIs are.

This talk is a practical one, chock-full of tips for creating more accessible front-end foundations. If writing HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript is part of your job, then this talk is for you.

In this session — a series of macro case studies from real client projects — Sara shares some frustrations, many lessons learned, and a lot of practical tips and tricks for building accessible front-end foundations that you can take and apply in your own projects right away.

Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan is a freelance front-end UI developer and trainer specializing in responsive Web design, modern CSS, progressive enhancement, and accessibility.

She works with clients to create interfaces and design systems that work for everyone, and that are optimized for accessibility and speed.

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