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Laura Van Doore

The Pragmatic Product Professional

Laura Van Doore Head of Product Design Fathom

In 1999 a now infamous book called The Pragmatic Programmer was first published, and the mindset it introduced took the software development world by storm. After 20 years, a flick through the pages shows it’s filled with timeless advice that, with a little bit of examination and re-interpretation, can help anyone nurture a pragmatic product mindset.

Pragmatic product people are early adopters & fast adapters. They are inquisitive, critical thinkers and Realistic. The quintessential Jack-of-all-trades.We’ll explore the essential traits of a pragmatic product person, re-interpret the practical learnings from the book into a modern product context, discover many insightful parables along the way, and learn how we can approach all angles of modern product development with a pragmatic mindset to improve the way we work with our teams to build amazing products.

This presentation will be an enjoyable & compelling journey on how software programming techniques that were written 20 years ago, can be seamlessly applied to modern product design practices in organisations today.

Laura Van Doore

Laura is the Head of Product Design at Fathom, a financial analysis product in the cloud accounting space. Over the last 9 years, she has worked in & led design teams from scrappy startups to corporate giants, across travel, government, SaaS, health, fintech, real estate, & ecommerce.

Laura works with product teams at the intersection of design sensibilities, business acumen & technical skills to craft digital products that people love to use. Her passion for solving 'people problems' makes Laura an unflinching advocate for unravelling complexity, measuring design outcomes, and pragmatic decision making.

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