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Inayaili de León

Humans vs Design at Scale

Inayaili de León Senior Designer Microsoft

Scaling design teams is the super power we all wish we had. We define processes, create tools, and invest in systems, confident that we'll be able to replicate high quality experiences and products at scale. But it's humans all the way down, so how can we make sure we are you looking after our humans in the process of organizing, automating, and systematizing our teams? How can we develop processes that center on the people whose day-to-day practices they affect, at the same time that we make strides toward efficiency, speed, and scalability?

Inayaili de León

Inayaili de León is a Senior Designer at Microsoft Developer Services — where she works on the design system for Azure DevOps. Previously, she led the team creating Canonical’s Vanilla design system. She writes frequently for well-known online publications and on her own blog, and speaks at international conferences. She’s the co-author of “Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites” (Apress, 2011), and author of “Moving to Responsive Web Design” (Apress, 2016). She’s Panamanian Portuguese, born in the USSR, and lives in London.

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