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Andrew Gregovic

2-speed approach for building right software products right

Andrew Gregovic Senior Software Development Manager Paypal

Agile is awesome for startups who need to get the idea out to the market ASAP, get feedback and try to survive in the meanwhile.

On the other hand, large organisations with very mature products/platforms simply cannot employ pure agile, hence they fall back on waterfall or hybrid models. But there's another way - a 2-speed mode of building rapid, throwaway prototypes (to determine the *right* product) and then afterwards build them *right* if they prove to be viable. I'll also cover some useful experimentation techniques to support the process.

Andrew Gregovic

Andrew is currently a senior software development manager at PayPal Singapore, working in the Consumer Financial Services team. Most of his technical experience is centred around product development - building responsive, scalable and robust apps that customers love to use (or at least love to hate). He also loves dabbling in machine learning.

By accident rather than intent, Andrew has a colourful workplace background, everything from being a co-founder of a New Zealand loyalty/virtual payments startup to working in large multi-nationals such as BHP and PayPal.

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