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Patrick De Young

10 Rules for a Successful Product (or How To Work With Developers and Designers)

Patrick De Young Senior Product Manager Domain

Delivering a successful product is easy: mix two parts empathy with one part innovation, shake well and garnish with the JavaScript framework of your choice. Job's done! Or so you thought. You probably need someone to design your product. And someone to bring those designs to life. Working with designers and developers doesn't need to be the nightmare you're imagining. Listen in as I share my experience as a product manager, conveniently distilled into 10 rules for delivering a successful product.

Patrick De Young

Patrick is a senior product manager at Domain who believes that great products are built with understanding and empathy, for both your team and your users. His product journey has taken him around the world to organisations big and small in a never-ending quest to help people get things done.

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