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Anna Harrison

Building High Perfomance product Teams

Anna Harrison Product Strategy Advisor thnx!

In the last year, the question that I have been asked most often is “what can I do to increase the performance of my product team”. As product design and development mature as a discipline, product teams begin to replace traditional engineering led development teams. Processes have been adapted and optimised - developers and designers are doing sprints, often together. Systems have been adapted and optimissed - Jira, Asana, and dozens of alternatives serve developers and designers well.

When it comes to the People - we have not nailed this part yet. The general truism of “hire well” is both hard to execute on, and not enough to guarantee that the product team as a unit will perform optimally.

In this session, I’ll lead a discussion that considers how the nature of work, hiring and recruiting needs to undergo a transition in order to scale the creation of high performance product teams. Being a product person, I’ll also highlight the product opportunities that this shift will give rise to. Recommended for anyone who works in the product field, thinks about how to futureproof their relevance in the workplace, and those involved in the recruiting and hiring of developers, designers and product owners.

Anna Harrison

Anna Harrison is an unusual thinker who specialises in optimising tech products for best performance, marketability, acquisition and venture funding success. In her work with startups and Fortune 500 companies in Australia, Europe and the USA, Anna has led product teams to numerous successes, highlights of which include Tiny (raised $4m in 2018); TravellersBox (raised $10m in 2016); Tririga (acquired by IBM in 2011 for an undisclosed amount) and AdSpace Networks (raised $20m in 2007).

Her latest ventures include the launch of thnx! to power the The Gratitude EconomyTM, and the penning of her next book, which looks at the impact of organisational structure on product design, and how to design optimal conditions to grow high performance product teams.

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