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Daniel Kinal

The Net Promoter Score: 'magic bullet' or 'snake oil'?

Daniel Kinal Senior Product Manager

Your manager wants you to track the NPS of your product but, well... you're not so sure.

15 years ago, the concept of a single survey question to ask and a single number to track to gauge the health of your market offering was introduced to the world to huge acclaim. Today, the Net Promoter Score is global phenomenon which we are told we ignore at our peril.

So, what is the truth about NPS? Does it deserve its place in the pantheon of business metrics? Is it a useful measure of product success? This talk will explore the origin of the NPS framework and what its original intended function actually was. We'll also investigate how it's being used now, where it may be useful and where it's being misused. We'll look at how we should go forward, to collect actionable, quantitative and qualitative measures that help us drive product development all while keeping our executive teams happy.

Daniel Kinal

Daniel has been in product management for over 15 years, chiefly working in IT with a focus on B2B products and services. He began his career in marketing, communications and consulting but soon learned that the aspect of marketing he loved most was working out what to build, for whom and why.

He gets excited about helping businesses become more effective in decision-making, more efficient in their processes and more engaged with their customers. Daniel is at his happiest when waving his arms about in front of a whiteboard with a bunch of smart people, exploring problems and weighing up solutions.

He is passionate about product management as a discipline and is intrigued by how businesses, large and small, grapple with the sometimes-elusive concepts of innovation and collaboration.

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