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Krystal Higgins

Designing a user onboarding compass

Krystal Higgins Senior Interaction Designer

Onboarding is not just a single event in the user’s experience. It is a process that links together many events, over time, to acclimate people to a new product or service. A well designed user onboarding experience will set up new users for success, adapt to changing situations, and guide them through multiple stages of their product journey. But it’s not always easy to know how to design onboarding like this. In this session, Krystal will share the mindset, strategies, and techniques that teams can use to design onboarding that behaves like a compass: an experience that guides users from different situations to the same destination of success in our products.

This talk is aimed at designers or product managers who are about to embark on designing an onboarding experience for a new or existing product, or for those redesigning an existing one.

Krystal Higgins

Krystal Higgins is a senior interaction designer who likes connecting people with products and services. An area she’s been working on for years, and is extremely passionate about, is the onboarding and guidance of new and existing users. She shares tips for designing in-product education on her design blog and maintains a collection of onboarding reviews from websites, apps, and other products.

In addition to teaching teams about guiding users, Krystal designs all sorts of experiences for digital products. She has worked at companies like NVIDIA, eBay, and, currently, Google, where she helped launch Android Wear 2.0 and leads a small UX team working on new opportunities for Google Photos.

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