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Matt Travers

What Indiana Jones taught me about Product

Matt Travers Product Consultant

Product managers spend too much time thinking about ROI and not enough time thinking about their product's chances of survival. Most tech product fail but we act like our job is to 'roadmap' which success will come first. A more pessimistic approach which focuses on the threats to success rather then the business case will give our product the best chance of staying alive or at least an early and dignified death. And it will help keep the expectations of our bosses, investors and other stakeholders in check. I'll be making a serious point but with a light-hearted presentation drawing on an analogy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Matt Travers

Matt is an internationally-experienced product leader with more than 20 years in digital businesses at start-up, growth and enterprise stages. He's built products with millions of daily users which generate hundreds of millions in annual revenue. He's led product and marketing organisations of 65 people spanning product, UX, marketing and analytics.

Matt is obsessed with the alchemy of process, culture, talent and strategy that turns autonomous, product teams into world-beaters. His digital career has taken him to Berlin, London, Brussels and Sydney and he is now happy to be back home in Melbourne.

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