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Libby de Souza

Plato was a Project Manager

Libby de Souza Senior Producer Portable

Plato was a project manager. Confucius was a scrum master. Kant “set realistic expectations”.

When things go wrong at work, it can feel like the wind is blowing from all directions. But it’s not like you’re the first person to face a stiff breeze. People have been trying to figure out how to do life since forever.

Hear from Senior Producer Libby about how old philosophies can provide guidance and tools for tackling every mini-existential crisis that occurs in the modern workplace.

This isn’t a philosophy lesson. You’ll come away with practical tools drawn from the world’s deepest thinkers that can be applied immediately and bring some calm to the chaos.

Libby de Souza

Libby de Souza is a Senior Producer at Portable. With a creative background as a designer and creative services manager, she has found her happy place bridging the gap between creatives, technologists and clients.

Libby joined Portable in 2018 and has worked on products including Victoria's Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning land mapping tool and the Westlaw Legal Research Database. She has co-ordinated and facilitated design activities for Orygen’s research into how to talk safely online about suicide as part of the #chatsafe initiative. Libby has also managed end-to-end design and development for the website product and a number of digital service offerings with headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Prior to this, Libby has worked with clients across print publication, industrial design, packaging, branding and marketing including Mayver’s, Emirates, Jetstar, The Salad Servers, Pouches Parent & Child Health Services and Australian Geographic.

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