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Rob Howard

Keep Your Errors Close

Rob Howard Web Factotum

Sometimes you write code that doesn't work. If you're lucky, you notice immediately; if you're NOT so lucky, then you might not notice until it's all the way into your customers' hands when... BANG! NoMethodError on undefined TypeError DANGER DANGER, etc.

What this talk is about is how to discover errors as soon as possible, and why doing that is valuable. Focusing on JavaScript, we'll have a practical look at how we can structure our code (to avoid propagating errors) and what tools we can use (linting, tests and types) to avoid these nasty surprises.

Rob Howard

Rob is a web developer with a broad mix of skills, ranging from UIs with JavaScript, TypeScript or PureScript, to solid supporting systems with Ruby or Haskell. With technology being so pervasive and affecting so many people, he strongly believes it's important to write robust code, but also lean on the computer to help us out in doing so. Having so far made a career from learning and mixing the nice parts from different programming languages, he wants to help well-intentioned but disparate programming communities learn from each other to achieve these goals.

If you're a fan of essay-length tweet threads, he's on Twitter (and most other things) as @damncabbage.

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