Web Directions Summit 2018

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Joe Toscano

Speaking with Machines: Conversation as an Interaction Model

Joe Toscano Founder Design Good

The past few years have been filled with chatbot experiments—some brilliant, many not—but the future has yet to be experienced. As artificial intelligence capabilities advance, conversation will become the next major interaction model, not just a messenger experience.

This talk will explain why conversation will play such a large role in the future, define how it will happen, and suggest how you can integrate conversation into your product roadmap.

Joe Toscano

Joe is a former Experience Design consultant for Google, who has won international awards for his work but has since left his job due to ethical concerns. He is now working on a non-profit called Design Good, which is actively working to educate the public about what's going on inside the industry, help regulators understand what questions to ask, and give technologist the knowledge/tools/resources to create a better future, through technology.

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