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Jared Wyles


Jared Wyles Senior Computer Scientist Adobe

Ever gone to a website only to click a link and have it turn out like the talk title? Or written code that introduced this bug? Can types prevent this? Absolutely! Stringly typed is a term that defines most peoples usage of of types today, thanks to a horrible introduction through Java at uni.

Through real world examples that nearly every developer will have hit in their career, we can start to move beyond stringly typed code to make impossible states impossible before they become bugs for our users, or even before we run the code or tests. Along the way you will learn how some terms like 'Parametricity' have real world applications and not just the work of academics and will actually help you write bug proof code that is easier to reason about, and understand.

Jared Wyles

During the day Jared spends his time writing C++ and the occasional JS at Adobe having worked on such products as Photoshop, XD and various engines of the web stack. At night you can find him keeping his web development skills relevant by contributing to compiler explorer. When not in front of a computer you can find him patting dogs in the local park. Please, feel free to share your dogs photos with him at the conference.

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