Web Directions Summit 2018

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Peggy Rayzis

How adopting GraphQL will make your organization better / faster / stronger

Peggy Rayzis Engineering Manager Meteor

GraphQL is being adopted throughout the industry, and for good reason. In this talk, we'll explore some of the use-cases and success stories of top companies as they've made the move to GraphQL. We'll also offer guidance as to how to move through the phases of adoption at your company.

Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis is an Engineering Manager leading developer experience on the Apollo team at Meteor Development Group, where she helps build tools for the GraphQL ecosystem. She’s also the author of react-native-create-bridge, host of Apollo #MissionBriefing, and an accomplished speaker and blogger. When she’s not coding, you can find Peggy hitting the ski slopes or traveling around the world.

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