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Laura van Doore

Building a compelling case for a Design System

Laura van Doore Senior Product Designer Fathom

Design Systems have reached peak popularity. It’s no secret that the topic of Design Systems have been an outrageously popular topic over the past few years. Every design team has either built one, is building one, or wants to build one. But it’s not designers who we have to convince when it comes to investing in the build of a design system. Especially if we aren’t lucky enough to be in an organisation where design has a ‘seat at the table’. How can we sell the benefits of a design system with more focus on appealing to upper management, who may not see the same benefits we do?

Laura van Doore

Laura is a Senior Product Designer at Fathom, a B2B SaaS product in the fintech domain. Over the last nine years, she has worked her way through design and UX roles in a variety of environments, from small agencies to corporate giants. Her experience includes creating digital solutions for travel, government, SaaS, health, fintech, real estate and ecommerce.

Laura has a natural curiosity for solving 'people problems’, which makes her a passionate advocate for unravelling complexity, measuring UX, and crafting design systems.

Laura's passion for Design Systems has seen her tackling these initiatives with Flight Centre Travel Group & Queensland Government, along with multiple SaaS product companies in an effort to improve the way products are designed & delivered.

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