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Kristi Riordan

Workstyles: the 4 basic styles & why leaders must be adaptive

Kristi Riordan COO & Managing Director of International Flatiron School, a WeWork Company

Ever wondered why working with some people feels a bit like rowing with the current when others can feel like rowing upstream? Had communication that crossed like two ships passing in the night? Kristi is passionate about culture, communication and helping people reach their fullest potential. Having spent the past 15 years leading NYC tech companies, she's excited to share some frameworks to help you spot individual workstyles, develop adaptability and create a more productive work environment for everyone.

Kristi Riordan

Kristi discovered growth businesses nearly fifteen years ago after starting her career in professional services (accounting, finance & law). Since then, she's had the privilege to help grow and evolve the operations of traditional service businesses by taking advantage of the power of technology, and establishing new categories.

Having served in a variety of leadership roles from product development to sales & marketing, she's most driven by finding the path forward for growth and building and aligning the team needed around that opportunity.

Her mission at Flatiron School is to create a new model for education that enables the pursuit of a better life. After an immersive twelve week program, their graduates launch careers in software engineering, armed with modern skills, an ability to learn rapidly and a feeling of purpose.

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