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Emma Jones

Gender Balance, what is being done to solve the problem?

Emma Jones CEO Project F

Achieving gender balance in tech is still frustratingly challenging. CEO’s are more aware than ever that diverse teams are a primary enabler of effective problem solving, innovation and profitability. While HR helps by fostering diversity in general, technology has proven a unique subculture that traditional D&I initiatives simply don’t work for.

Recognising most of today’s technology leaders are male Emma founded tech community group Men Championing Change in 2017 to harness their influence on the greater community and equip them with what they need to make a difference in their teams. Guess what? It’s working.

In this talk Emma shares her experience of working in and with tech companies over the last decade and trying to drive change on gender balance through harnessing male leaders and through designing a tech focused solution to the problem. Attendees will take away a fresh perspective on solving the issues around improving representation of w*men in technology careers. The goal is to give the audience an understanding of why men in leadership are a critical component of solving the challenge and to inspire them to explore how they can harness this approach in their own environments instead of leaving D&I to the women.

Emma Jones

Emma is a talent strategist turned entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in people and talent disciplines. Her experience spans boot-strapped start ups to global corporates, across the UK, US and Australia. Having worked in the tech sector for most of her career, Emma developed a passion for solving the problem of achieving gender balance in the technology sector.

In 2017 she founded community meetup group Men Championing Change to equip forward thinking men in tech with what they need to close the gender gap in their teams. In 2018 she founded The F Factor, a community networking group for women in tech to come together, be inspired and support each other through their career challenges. Emma's current venture, Project F represents a new mindset and a unique gender balance solution that removes the smoke & mirrors and lip service so often found in D&I initiatives.

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