Web Directions Culture 2019 Creating better teams

Sydney30th October 2018

Creating better teams and workplace cultures

30th October

8:00 am



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John Allsopp, Web Directions

9:15 am

Extreme Cooperation of Superorganisms: Four Lessons Humans Can Learn from Honey Bees

Peter Moskovits, Program Director of Worldwide Developer Advocacy IBM

In this talk Peter takes you on a journey, sharing some of the most exciting, secret inner workings of honey bee colonies, answering questions, such as: How did bees evolve into a well-organized communicating superorganism?

How do bees form cohesive collaborative colonies, whose abilities go way beyond those of its members? How do honey bee colonies, made up of insects with tiny brains, debate and make complex and timely life-and-death decisions as a single unit? In conclusion, you will walk away with practical organizational best practices you can apply - all based on what our sweet friends teach us.

10:15 am

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10:45 am

A rational way of understanding and scaling Culture

Mahesh Muralidhar, VP, People Operations Airtasker

It's widely understood that culture is a key to the success of any company or organisation, but we don't seem to have a mainstream way of talking about it.

In particular, how do you talk about Culture and address cultural elements from a commercial perspective? How does this help you design and scale culture?

And critically, how does this "rational" approach work with the our not entirely rational approach to life that we humans often take?

In this presentation, Mahesh Muralidhar will draw on lessons evolving and scaling culture at companies like Airtasker and Canva.

11:15 am

Designing inclusion into distributed teams

Patima Tantiprasut, GM PetRescue

There's no denying that flexibility is fast becoming a requirement when forming modern teams. We're seeing some great example patterns for successful remote, onsite and distributed team structures when it comes to scaling delivery, but how do we bring people closer together when they're getting further apart? Let's talk about scaling culture and deliberately designing in inclusive habits for the whole team.

11:45 am

Gender Balance, what is being done to solve the problem?

Emma Jones, CEO Project F

I will be using my experience and knowledge of working within people & culture teams, trying to drive change on gender balance in tech teams. In high growth tech companies, she has experienced first-hand the challenges faced by most companies and recognises the immense pressure technology leaders face to make a difference without the understanding of how to achieve it. The group I created 'Men Championing Change' has set out to equip the leaders of these teams with what they need to help influence this problem and also a platform with which to amplify the message.

Attendees will take away a fresh perspective on solving the issues around improving representation of w*men in technology careers. The goal is to give the audience an understanding of why men in leadership are a critical component of solving the challenge and to inspire them to explore how they can harness this approach in their own environments instead of leaving D&I to the women

12:15 pm

The power of saying "I don't know

Andrew Murphy, Lead Trainer Pillar Leaders

It’s something we all struggle with, admitting we don’t know something. But I’m here to show you the power of saying “I don’t know” to people.

Saying “I don’t know” doesn’t have to be the end of a conversation, in fact it can be the start of an entirely new, exciting conversation with learning opportunities for all parties.

We will talk through scenarios where we don’t feel comfortable saying it, ways we can feel comfortable saying it, and the good things that come from it.

12:45 pm



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1:45 pm

Scaling and trying not to break things...too much

Jen Mumford, Director of People & Culture SafetyCulture

Want to know what it's like hacking hypergrowth and scaling people & culture at one of Australia's hottest start-ups? Jen is a radically candid people rebel leading SafetyCulture, a $440M AU tech start-up's, People team across APAC, EMEA and North America. Hear from Jen on some of the key lessons they've learnt along the way scaling from 50 to 300+ people in less than 2 years.

2:15 pm

Three experiments for culture leaders

Eugene Chung, Organisational Design Director Mentally Friendly

Why is it so challenging for People and Culture leaders to create meaningful change within their organisations?

This talk explores the new realities facing People and Culture leaders and provides the audience with three actionable experiments to try today, tomorrow, and next week to overcome the strategy-action gap to build momentum and real cultural change within your own team or organisation.

2:45 pm

Workstyles: the 4 basic styles & why leaders must be adaptive

Kristi Riordan, COO & Managing Director of International Flatiron School, a WeWork Company

Ever wondered why working with some people feels a bit like rowing with the current when others can feel like rowing upstream? Had communication that crossed like two ships passing in the night? Kristi is passionate about culture, communication and helping people reach their fullest potential. Having spent the past 15 years leading NYC tech companies, she's excited to share some frameworks to help you spot individual workstyles, develop adaptability and create a more productive work environment for everyone.

3:15 pm

Mastering Collaboration - Making Working Together Less Painful and More Productive

Gretchen Anderson, Product Design Consultant

Our relationship with collaboration is painful. We say we value teamwork, but it often gets messy and complicated. This session breaks down three ways we can work better together as product, developer, design, and business people to help their work shine.

I have several ways to shade this for different audiences. For developers, I focus on exploring ideas, and communicating; for product management I emphasize setting the right environment for their team to thrive as collaborators.

3:45 pm

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4:15 pm

How thinking people and culture first is pivotal to scale high performance in today's fast growth organisations (on any budget)

Will Blott, Founder, People Leader IfHowNow

People remain essential to any organisation's success but are ultimately volunteers. So how can you be sure your team will be inspired to come to work tomorrow to give discretionary effort and achieve something remarkable? Colleague, manager or leader, there are key principles underpinning how to energize your people and culture at scale to achieve lasting high performance.

5:00 pm



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