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Eugene Chung

Three experiments for culture leaders

Eugene Chung Organisational Design Director Mentally Friendly

Why is it so challenging for People and Culture leaders to create meaningful change within their organisations?

This talk explores the new realities facing People and Culture leaders and provides the audience with three actionable experiments to try today, tomorrow, and next week to overcome the strategy-action gap to build momentum and real cultural change within your own team or organisation.

Eugene Chung

Eugene is an experienced digital transformation consultant with 12+ years of partnering with clients to create innovative experiences, products and teams, including: SBS, Atlassian, ServiceNSW, PepsiCo, HBO, Mike Bloomberg, Supercell, Audi, and Nestlé Australia.

He now leads Organisational Design at Mentally Friendly to empower leaders and teams to adapt to change, adopt new mindsets, behaviours, & practices, and achieve their missions.

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