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Kilian Valkhof

:where :is :has?

Kilian Valkhof Founder Polypane

When people say CSS is hard, they often mean that writing good CSS selectors is hard. As a developer, you need to make a lot of trade-offs: a more precise selector also comes with increased specificity, making it hard to overwrite style elsewhere. Targeting two sets of elements often means duplicating the selector and after twentyfive years of CSS, you still can't style based on child elements.

...except CSS now has solutions for all these problems, and more. In this talk we'll explore the impact the new :is, :where and :has pseudo-classes will have on the way you write CSS, how to use some of these features ahead of browser support and the amazing CSS they enable.

Kilian Valkhof

Kilian Valkhof is the creator of Polypane, the browser for building websites. He wrote his first article on mobile web design all the way back in 2008 (with an exciting look ahead at "media features"!) and hasn't stopped thinking about responsive websites since. Kilian is a solo developer building his and hopefully your dream browser, he writes about the web on kilianvalkhof.com and anywhere else he's allowed to, and is an active open source contributor.

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