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Alvaro Montoro

The colorful future of CSS

Alvaro Montoro UI Manager Visa

CSS has evolved considerably over the years, and some of the most exciting recent changes are coming from the color specification. Long gone are the days of just using RGB or HSL. Instead, there are new color formats, a new notation, new functions, and so much more.

We'll dive into the most recent CSS Color Module Level: review what's coming, show examples of the latest function definitions and explore the relative colors and how they can revolutionize white-labeling.

Alvaro Montoro

Alvaro is passionate about web technologies, and he enjoys playing with HTML and CSS (sometimes literally) and seeing what these languages can achieve by themselves. He lives in Texas with his family, where he currently works as a UI Manager at Visa, leading a team that builds a design system focusing on accessibility.

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The Conference CSS deserves

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