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Elad Shechter

The New CSS Logical Properties

Elad Shechter CSS/HTML Architect Independent

Most of us developers used to think in terms of left and right, top and bottom. This is because, in the early days of the internet, it was meant mostly for uploading documents, and not for the complex website structures we know today.

This is the reason that no one considered the needs of multiple language websites.

But now the new logical properties give us a lot more power to control our websites, no matter which type of language we are using, for example, English, Arabic, Japanese, etc.). All this with minimal styles changing.

Elad Shechter

Elad Shechter is a Web Developer specializing in CSS & HTML design and architecture.

Besides this, his a Writer of various globally known CSS articles, a CSS speaker, and the founder of the "CSS Masters Israel" Community.

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The Conference CSS deserves

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