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Ben Buchanan

Real-world CSS custom props

Ben Buchanan Engineering Lead Quantium

A few years ago we decided CSS custom properties were the future for our UI library, and we've been reducing the focus on SCSS ever since.

Custom props have added a useful new facet to our design system's API; and given us the power of runtime variables across a platform-agnostic environment.

But CSS Custom Properties changed our CSS more fundamentally than we expected. We needed to break free of old habits to allow their strength to come to the fore.

Ben Buchanan

Ben Buchanan started creating web pages in the nineties, while completing a degree in everything but I.T. He has created frontend systems for companies including News Ltd, Atlassian, Ansarada and Quantium. He probably thinks about markup too much. He can be found at @200okpublic and http://weblog.200ok.com.au/

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The Conference CSS deserves

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