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Adrian Bece

Effective CSS refactoring

Adrian Bece Full stack developer

CSS refactoring is not an easy task. It requires a detailed analysis and audit to discover weaknesses and issues in the codebase. Choosing an effective refactoring strategy is also a challenge - The scope of changes can range widely per task, and the substantial changes can introduce bugs and regressions in the legacy codebase. In this talk, we’ll cover these topics and more - we’ll learn what makes the CSS codebase unhealthy and how we can combat regressions and catch them early in the development process.

Adrian Bece

Adrian Bece is a versatile full-stack web developer with extensive experience in eCommerce. He enjoys writing and talking about the latest and greatest technologies in web development, mainly JavaScript and CSS. He has launched and maintained several popular tools for frontend developers and has contributed to several Open-Source projects. He usually spends his free time listening to music, playing guitar, and reading Sci-Fi novels and “Calvin and Hobbes” comics.

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The Conference CSS deserves

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