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Stefan Schroeder

Why Designers should care about blockchain

Stefan Schroeder Experience Lead SapientRazorfish

The technology revolution is here and it is not virtual reality or voice assistants: blockchain, a young industry where excitement is huge around cryptocurrency. However, blockchain is more than bitcoin and making fast money, blockchain evangelists think it can remarkably improve our life. But so far most concepts are technology driven and design in all aspects (CX, UX, Visual, Service and Product design) doesn't play a big role when people think about blockchain and was not part of the revolution so far. That's why this talk will explore the role of design in the blockchain space.

Many blockchain applications don't have an interface yet or do not have an impact on the front-end, but how can we apply design thinking to experiment with and design future products and services based on the new technology foundation? How can we help others to better understand the value, benefits and opportunities blockchain could provide to people, users, customers, organisations and businesses? What are design principles to create trust in a technology that offers complete transparency, privacy and security? What are the next steps for designers to be part and influence the revolution?

Stefan Schroeder

Stefan is a post-it loving Experience Designer. Growing up in Germany he founded a fin-tech start-up and failed, applied for a job in product management, but got hired as an UX Designer and designed award-winning experiences for international brands.

Today, he works as an Experience Lead for SapientRazorfish in Melbourne and partners with clients to help them realise a better future for their business by creating transformative experiences and business models that improve their customers' lives. Apart from design, he loves cat tattoos and his Dachshund, Whiskey.

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