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David Herse

Using Jobs To Be Done Theory in Design

David Herse Product Manager Five Good Friends

How can we design products that bring real value to users? Why do users choose one product over another? How do some products manage to disrupt and innovate while others stay stagnate? The answer lies in the ‘job’ a user is hiring a product to do. This is called Jobs To Be Done Theory.

Jobs To Be Done Theory is centred around a clear understanding of a customers’ struggle and the progress they seek in a given circumstance. A well-defined job offers a kind of innovation blueprint. To create products of real user value, designers need to fundamentally understand the reasons an individual chooses to pull a product into their lives. This talk discusses how to uncover a users ‘job’ and apply it to the design process.

David Herse

David Herse is the Product Manager of Five Good Friends, founder of Userology and co-founder of jobstobedone.pro. He has over 10 years experience in UX and Product Design. David applies his experience with Jobs-to-be-Done Theory, to uncover customer struggles and turn them into product opportunities.

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