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Simon Hearne

Optimising for Core Web Vitals on SPAs

Simon Hearne Web Performance Consultant

Core Web Vitals have been a great catalyst to get SEO, marketing, business and technical teams together to work on web performance. It has raised a lot of questions though, especially about how these new performance metrics are measured, what impact they have on SEO and how best to optimise them.

Join me as I walk through the key concepts of Core Web Vitals, from a brief introduction to the metrics through to how they are calculated in the browser and the impact they have on SEO. Critically, we will review how these metrics work on single page applications — it’s not quite as clear or simple as you might expect!

I will share practical tips, clear any confusion and empower you to be the go-to expert on Core Web Vitals in your organisation. We will look at practical examples including how some simple optimisations have helped a client move from a mix of red and yellow results to a sea of green.

Simon Hearne

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All about front end performance

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