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Phil Hawksworth

Edge tooling — What, when, and where to do the work of delivering your site.

Phil Hawksworth Director of Developer Experience Netlify

There are so many tools an approaches to building and delivering web sites. And so many opinions about "the best way" to render and to build. But the best approach will depend on the needs of your project. Let's learn about the options and about how to choose the approach that suits you best.

Phil Hawksworth

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

After more than 20 years of building web applications for companies such as Google, Apple, Nike, R/GA, and The London Stock Exchange, Phil has worked to challenge traditional technical architectures in favour of simplicity and effectiveness.

Phil is co-author of “Modern Web Development on the Jamstack” (O’Reilly, 2019)

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All about front end performance

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