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Andrea Verlicchi

Get speedy with responsive images automation

Andrea Verlicchi Web performance specialist Netcentric

Responsive images done right can lower your website LCP and be a money saver. But do them right can be complex and require lots of math and considerations. In the latest years I spent a lot of my time as performance architect helping e-commerce teams getting them right, and I’ve finally managed to automate all the optimisation process, in a customer-driven way. In this talk I’ll explain best practices, bring data, and show you how my open-source automated tool works for you to use it.

Andrea Verlicchi

Andrea, loves to craft and optimise websites. He's passionate about user experience and especially web performance.

He writes about the web on his tech blog andreaverlicchi.eu, on Medium and Smashing Magazine, and he loves to speak at web conferences.

He's GitHub fan and the proud creator of many open-source projects, `vanilla-lazyload` amongst others.

He loves nature in all of its forms and - when he's not geeking around - he love cycling, hiking, eating regional food, and all kinds of foreign languages and cultures.

His current job at Netcentric is focused on web performance optimisation.

Don't miss your chance to see Andrea Verlicchi and many other inspiring speakers at Lazy Load.

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All about front end performance

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