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Annie Sullivan

A New Measure of Responsiveness

Annie Sullivan Senior Staff Software Engineer Google

Page load time is an important aspect of performance, but it's not the only one. After a site has loaded, it should respond quickly to clicks, taps, and keypresses. But this can be difficult to measure and optimize.

I'll talk about the Event Timing API and how it can be used to measure interaction timings in RUM analytics and lab tooling. Then I'll dig deeper into understanding where the time is going, breaking down the problems that end users are seeing and reproducing them in the lab.

Finally I'll talk about some common problems my team and I have seen as we've dug into how responsive web sites are to user interactions, and how to avoid them.

Annie Sullivan

Annie is a software engineer on Chrome's Web Platform team. She is passionate about building a better performing web for users across the globe. Her tenure as a Googler spans 16 years, with experience on the toolbar, docs, web search, and chrome teams.

Annie currently leads performance metric development on Chrome. She lives in Michigan with her husband Doug and two sons, and enjoys tinkering with laser cutters, metal etching, and new cooking techniques.

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All about front end performance

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