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product and growth marketing at Web Directions Summit

It might seem a little outside our usual area of focus, but let’s see how our brand new product and growth marketing track fits into the big picture of Web Directions Summit.

When we started nearly 20 years ago, if you worked on the Web, you probably did just about everything yourself. From the code (mostly HTML and CSS back then) to copywriting, design, and even operations (smushing those images, concatenating the files).

Over the past two decades, industry roles have become increasingly specialised (and complex and sophisticated), but our underlying mission, to be an event for the whole team, has remained.

And while designing and building the product had remained foundational–getting people to try it, and keep using it is also critical.

So we turned to two folks we know and trust, Mary Nolan and Anna Harrison, to help put together an actionable, ethical track, to help your team do just that. No hand waving and tricks to ‘beat the algo’ but deep insights into pricing, experiments, product lead growth and a healthy dose of behavioural science.

Whether you’ve got an early stage product looking for product market fit, or a mature product that needs to get to the next level, whether you’re a startup, a scaleup or in the enterprise, you’ll come away with plenty of ideas for each part of the product lifecycle.

And here’s just some of what we’ll be covering

📈 Pricing and Strategies for Elevating Annual Contract Values | Christopher Truce
🚀 Finding Language-Market Fit | Sarah McIntyre
🌱 Handle Chaos & Scale Your Growth Experiments | Terence Huynh
📈 Leveraging the B2C Experience for B2B SaaS Startups | Irina Smolina
🚀 Acquiring Users for Early Stage Products | Connor Cameron
🌱 Dark Patterns and How to Avoid Them | Kate Linton
📈 Growth Hacking with Heart: Applying Behavioural Science Ethically for More Impact | Vidhika Bansal
🚀 How Gamers Have Turned the Tables on Brand Trust | David O’Reilly
🌱 Choosing the Right Strategy for Product Growth | Margaret (Mags) Hanley

Looks valuable? Get yourself along, Sydney October 26 and 27 (and streaming too for those who can’t get there)

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

Joel Roberts Web Developer