Terence Huynh

Terence Huynh Software Engineer, Growth Atlassian

Handle Chaos and Scale Your Growth Experiments

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Handle Chaos and Scale Your Growth Experiments

Every company has at least a growth engineering team. Or they should. Their mission is a simple one: to increase the number of customers using and purchasing the product.

A company the size of Atlassian has many growth engineering teams. And with more teams comes more problems.

This is the story of how we learnt to manage the chaos with multiple teams running experiments, and scaled up our processes to ensure that each team can confidently run their own growth experiments. But this didn't happen overnight. Just like any experiment, it took many tries to get it where we are.

Terence Huynh

Terence Huynh is a Software Engineer at Atlassian - the company behind such tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello used by thousands of teams worldwide.

In addition to his day job, Terence Huynh is the founder and one of the organisers of UNIHACK, Australia's premier student hackathon; and a technology blogger covering the industry.

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