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Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Rethinking JavaScript with Generator Functions

Rethinking JavaScript with Generator Functions Patrick Smith, product developer Functional programming allows JavaScript that is easier to reason about and easier to test. Generator functions are like enhanced pure functions, allowing new software patterns for state machines, parsers, streaming HTML renderers, and more. They are composable so offer similar benefits to components yet in more […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Specifying JavaScript

Specifying JavaScript Yulia Startsev, Staff Software Engineer Mozilla Language specification can be a bit of a mystery. This talk will introduce the stages of the TC39 process for introducing a new language feature to JavaScript, and some high level concerns around our design process. About Yulia Startsev Yulia Startsev is a programmer at Mozilla on […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–The Third Age of JavaScript

The Third Age of JavaScript Shawn Swyx Wang, Head of Developer Experience Temporal.io The way we write JavaScript is poised for dramatic change in the 2020’s. Here’s why: the slow death of IE11 and rollout of ES Modules will converge toward a new generation of JavaScript tooling. These tools are faster, typesafer, and polyglot, leading […]

Thanks to the new Media Developer Expert’s community, our Lazy Load 21 Sponsors

An energizing, diverse community of developers who share insights, expertise, and best practices of using media technology in web and mobile apps. Their new discord channel is a great place to connect with hundreds of other developers and connect with others who have a passion for the media experience on the web. Share resources, events, tools, […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Principles of Just-In-Time compilers.

Principles of Just-In-Time compilers. Nicolas B. Pierron, Senior Software Engineer Mozilla JavaScript gets faster as it executes! Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers are used in all major JavaScript engines to improve the speed, but how do they work? By understanding the principles of JIT compilation, web developers have the opportunity to optimize their code. We’ll learn all […]

A huge thanks to Catchpoint, our partners for Lazy Load 2021

Catchpoint Helps pinpoint performance and availability problems users experience no matter where they are in the world. And they’ve recently become the home of the venerable and much loved Web Page Test. So we’re excited (and grateful) for their support of Lazy Load. Catch Tim Kadlec on Twitch Tim Kadlec, a long time favourite on […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Class features implementation in JSC

Class features implementation in JSC Caio Lima, Compiler developer Igalia At Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focussed conference, we’ll dive into details of the implementation of class features in JavaScriptCore, discussing some kinds of optimizations applied there. About Caio Lima Active contributor of JavaScriptCore and JS Virtual Machine hacker. Loves talk and discuss […]

Thanks to platform.sh our hosting partner for Lazyload 2021

The last year has seen a massive transformation for many companies, not least of all for us here at Web Directions. In a mater of days, the core of what we did for over 15 years, organising in person conferences, became impossible, and will remain infeasible for some time to come. In response we, like […]

Core Web Vitals is coming

Later this month, as you’ve likely read or heard somewhere, Google will start including page experience signals as part of their search ranking. This includes Core Web Vitals, a number of measures of web site performance– and so for the first time, the performance of your web content won’t simply affect your users, it will […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Record & Tuple: immutable data structures in JS

Record & Tuple: immutable data structures in JS Robin Ricard, JavaScript Infrastructure Engineer & TC39 Delegate Bloomberg At Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focused conference, we’ll hear about two new data structures, Record & Tuple. Record & Tuple is a proposed feature for JavaScript that aims to introduce new immutable value types. Records […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Optional Chaining and Null Coalescing, a Golden Duo

Optional Chaining and Null Coalescing, a Golden Duo Bramus Van Damme, Freelance Frontend Expert In one of over a dozen presentations at Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focussed conference, we go deep into two new features of JavaScript. Part of ES2020 are the Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing Operators. By combining these two […]

Web Directions Global Scope ’21 session spotlight–Fully Scripted

Fully Scripted Tim Kadlec, Performance Engineering Fellow Catchpoint In one of over a dozen presentations at Global Scope, our brand new 100% JavaScript focussed conference, we hear from Tim Kadlec, on the current state of real world JavaScript. JavaScript has come a long way from its humble origins as the last of the three web […]

Announcing the Global Scope program

We’ve had JavaScript focused presentations since our very first conferences, though way back in the mid 2000s (our first conferences predated even jQuery) when JavaScript was still used very sparingly by most developers, so our coverage was similarly scant. But just as the use of JavaScript has become more and more prominent, its appearance on […]

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