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Web Directions Summit returns in 2022!

remember in-person events? World class speakers? the buzz of connecting with like-minded folks in our industry (and perhaps one too many amazing coffees?) Well, we do, and that’s why we are ridiculously excited to announce that Web Directions Summit will be returning for 2022, in Sydney December 1 and 2. And not only returning–we’ll be back be bigger and […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Hardened JavaScript

Hardened JavaScript Running other people’s code is dangerous and some people will even tell you that you shouldn’t do it. I’m here to tell you that actually, you can run other people’s code safely. The solution is hardened JavaScript. Kris Kowal Kris Kowal guided the CommonJS module system from design to adoption, most notably by […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Pay the Web Forward

Pay the Web Forward Trying to get paid on the Web today, as a creator, is broken and unfair. 70% of ad spend globally goes to only 2 platforms. Until recently, the Web couldn’t natively compete. A new W3C Standard proposal, Web Monetization, uses the Interledger Protocol to enable developers like you to make money […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Auth on the web: better authentication

Auth on the web: better authentication New technology beyond is challenging the premise that we have to choose between more friction or more security for authenticating users. This talk will explore the benefits and drawbacks of frictionless authentication options beyond traditional one-time passcodes like biometrics, contextual data, or using devices as secure keys. Voice recognition […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Set safer site defaults for today and tomorrow

Set safer site defaults for today and tomorrow The web has a history of being an over-sharer. Original defaults tended to allowing everything—with restrictions needing to be explicitly added by the site. Newer APIs follow the principle of least privilege, so that’s better, but still have the challenge of maintaining backwards-compatibility leaves sites with a […]

Introducing Web Directions Remixed

Our free new online conference in January 2021 In 2020, we brought our long running, highly regarded, in-person conferences online, with an innovative format, and our own tailor-made platform. In 2021, we doubled down on online, creating 6, highly focussed, in-depth conferences for front end professionals. Now, we’re bringing the best of these 6 2021 […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Continuous Security – Building Security into your Pipelines

Continuous Security – Building Security into your Pipelines In the world of continuous delivery and cloud native, the boundaries between what is our application and what constitutes infrastructure is becoming increasingly blurred. Our workloads, the containers they ship in, and our platform configuration is now often developed and deployed by the same teams, and development […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–The State of XSS: Best practices for a secure web experience

The State of XSS: Best practices for a secure web experience As the web continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly challenging for developers to build secure web experiences that users can trust. Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks continue to exploit many trusted web applications today, resulting in malicious JavaScript being injected and executed within a user’s […]

Web Directions Safe ’21 session spotlight–Let’s talk about JWT

Let’s talk about JWT JSON Web Tokens, or JWTs for short, are all over the web. They can be used to track bits of information about a user in a very compact way and can be used in APIs for authorization purposes. Join Jessica Temporal at Safe and learn what JWTs are, what problems it […]

A few accessibility and inclusion things

A non trivial part of my working life involves scouring the web for great resources for our audience of frontend developers, designers, and other web and digital professionals. I use pinboard, an excellent bookmarking site, with browser extensions that make it very straightforward to add a site to my list of bookmarks, regardless of the […]

Web Directions AAA ’21 session spotlight–Deep dive into ARIA

Deep dive into ARIA By now you probably know the first rule of ARIA: Don’t use ARIA, unless you really need to. Because sometimes, we do need to use ARIA. But when should we use ARIA? And how should we use it? These questions can leave us high and dry!

This session is more than a simple overview of what ARIA is. It’s an in-depth exploration of common ARIA roles, states, properties, and techniques that we can use to increase the accessibility of our web pages or applications. Don’t fret, we’re not going to dive head first into cold and murky water!

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