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The Web Directions lineup in 2024

Well the year is well and truly under way, and we’ve been hard at work programming our conferences for 2024.

After some, let’s say bumpy, years, we’re back to a similar schedule as we had before 2020, but with some adjustments as well.

The TL;DR; is in 2024 we have 4 events lined up for you–two in Melbourne and two in Sydney. And for those with budgets to consider, tickets for all of these events are on sale now–with an amazing offer as well. Get an all access in person pass for $2995, or all access streaming pass for just $1495–get along to all our events, in person, or streamed for an unbelievable price!

Banners for all our 2024 Events. Text Reads 

JUNE 20 & 21 2024

Australia's conference for JavaScript developers and front end engineers.

JUNE 19 2024

for engineering leaders and managers creating world class engineering teams and cultures

LATE 2024

A world leading conference for the people building the Web.

LATE 2024

What's next in the world of digital design, product and strategy?

What about the events?

Code and Code Leaders, Melbourne in June

Code and Code Leaders take place in Melbourne in mid June–Code Leaders June 19th, and Code June 20th and 21st. Both take place at a venue we’ve wanted to use for years, our ACMI on Federation square.

The lineup for the events will be announced next week, but it could be the single best program we’ve ever put together, with a very timely theme and focus, and some incredible speakers.

Super early bird tickets are on sale now–for Code Leaders that’s $795, and for a ‘classic’ ticket to Code that’s $1295. And for a Gold ticket that combines both events, it’s just $1995. If you’re looking to stream Code live, that’s $995.

Dev Summit and Next

Every year since 2006, Web Directions has hosted a major conference in Sydney. It’s just about the longest running conference series for web professionals anywhere in the World.

This event has had a number of names over the years, and its focus has transformed along with the industry it supports. In recent years Web Directions Summit has become an ever more wide reaching event, with tracks covering design, product, content, and more, alongside several developer focussed tracks.

After last year, and a lot of reflection, we’ve decided this approach is no longer sustainable.

For a number of reasons:

  • the effort and risk of programming nearly 100 talks, and looking after 100 presenters!
  • a real shortage of venues in Sydney for events with more than a couple of tracks
  • macroeconomic factors (from inflation to tech industry belt tightening)

And so we’ve given a lot of thought to how we make sure Web Directions doesn’t just reach its 20th anniversary in 2026, but lasts another 20 years.

The core of Web Directions has always been the technologies and practices used to develop for the Web. Over the last 2 decades these have become more complex and sophisticated, and keeping up with innovations has become increasingly challenging. We’ve long made it our goal with everything we do to help our audience do just that–to know where to invest your limited time and energy in maintaining your knowledge and capabilities.

So our focus will now be much more squarely on this audience. It’s what we know best (we still develop pretty much all the code associated with Web Directions–from the event websites, to our recently overhauled registration system, to Conffab, our streaming platform). And developers have always been the significant majority of the attendees to our events.

Announcing Web Directions Developer Summit

With all that in mind–drumroll please–our big end of year event will now be Web Directions Developer Summit – a multi track event covering all of the front end–core technologies, key practices, libraries and frameworks, design systems and more. From the “back of the front end” to the “front of the front end”. If you write code that ends up in browsers, Web Directions Developer Summit is for you.

But what about our wonderful design, product, and content audience? The folks inspired by the big picture ideas we’ve also made a core part of Web Directions? Fear not!

And introducing Web Directions Next

Dev Summit is accompanied by a brand new, one day, ideas driven conference–Web Directions Next.

Imagine a super concentrated day of our most engaging keynotes and talks. Opportunities to connect meaningfully with others who get excited about this stuff as much as you do, and more.

That’s Next, which will help you chart what’s next in product, design and strategy, and we’ll be unveiling more detail soon.

We hope you’re excited for the year ahead, and really hope to see you in person, or on the stream for one, or more of our conferences this year.

Can’t make it in-person?

Not to worry, all our events are streamed on our own purpose built platform, incorporating live chat with fellow attendees, both in-person and online. There’s real-time, high-quality captioning as well.

So whether in person or online we hope to see you at one of or events in 2024.

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