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Our 2022 Summit Keynotes

’ve announced the program for our 6 tracks at Web Directions Summit taking place in Sydney in December (with just a handful of spots just being finalised).

So now it’s time to announce some wonderful keynote speakers.

The countdown has begun–Summit super early bird ends Sept 30th

For our first in-person event in what will be 3 years, we decided early it would have to be our biggest and best event ever. Until super early bird finishes! And now the countdown–3 months to go, and 4 weeks to get the best possible price–has begun. So save the date and start planning your […]

announcing the brand new content strategy and design track at Summit ’22

Announcing the brand new content strategy and design track at Summit ’22 At the heart of just about any interface, of any app or site, is language, or as we typically refer to it ‘content’.  Over the years we’ve had quite a few content focused sessions at our conferences, we’ve long felt it was important […]

Weekly Newsletter–back to the links

This week, back to a tried and true format–some links to recent articles I’ve found valuable that I hope you might too, which cross the topics we cover at our events. How to eliminate render blocking resources Performance has become a core competence of front end developers in recent years. We even started a whole […]

What do you know returns to Sydney in October

For years at Web Directions we ran an event called “What Do You Know”. Back when it started in 2011, meetups were far from the common events they are now and the opportunity for folks in the industry to get together, share ideas and connect, and more importantly to present, were fewer than they became […]

Announcing the Code Leaders ’22 program

In 2017 we introduced a new conference, Code Leaders, to run alongside our front end developer focussed Code conference. With our return to in-person events with Web Directions Summit later this year, we felt it made a lot of sense to host Code Leaders along side it as well. With a focus on “creating world class engineering teams and cultures” Code […]

What is the point of a conference?

Lots of folks, not least of all organisers like us, took conferences for granted–until early 2020. Perhaps you had a favourite you’d go to each year, to catch up with folks you knew from all over, hear some speakers, get a sense of where your field was at, get some swag, go to a reception, […]

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