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Announcing the Code Leaders ’22 program

In 2017 we introduced a new conference, Code Leaders, to run alongside our front end developer focussed Code conference. With our return to in-person events with Web Directions Summit later this year, we felt it made a lot of sense to host Code Leaders along side it as well. With a focus on “creating world class engineering teams and cultures” Code […]

What is the point of a conference?

Lots of folks, not least of all organisers like us, took conferences for granted–until early 2020. Perhaps you had a favourite you’d go to each year, to catch up with folks you knew from all over, hear some speakers, get a sense of where your field was at, get some swag, go to a reception, […]

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Three days of talks, two of them in the engineering room. Web Directions you have broken my brain.

Cheryl Gledhill Product Manager, BlueChilli