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Sarah McIntyre VP Marketing BoardPro

Finding Language-Market Fit

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Finding Language-Market Fit

The most under-appreciated concept for early-stage startups, language-market fit is when you find the exact right words to explain your product or service to prospective customers. You've hit when you talk about your product and your customers think, “That is EXACTLY what I’m looking for” — they feel like you’ve read their minds.

But how do you do this? And why should early-stage start-ups do this first BEFORE finding the more widely known product-market fit?

Join Sarah to walk through a four step process for finding language-market fit.

Sarah McIntyre

Sarah is an experienced marketer with a passion for creating marketing programs that deliver revenue and a constant curiosity for what makes people buy. She has a unique blend of marketing strategy and execution skills and 20 years experience with both global corporate marketing teams and scrappy startups.

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