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Luca Casonato

Writing universal modules for Deno, Node, and the browser

Luca Casonato Engineer Deno Land Inc

This talk will walk you through writing a module in TypeScript that can be consumed by users of Deno, Node, and browsers. I will walk through how to set up formatting, linting, and testing in Deno, and then how to publish your module to deno.land/x and npm. I will also start out with a quick introduction on what Deno is

Luca Casonato

I'm a developer and open source enthusiast. I like Rust, Go, TypeScript, and fast websites. I work at the Deno company, building Deno and Deno Deploy, and serving as a delegate at TC39. I built fresh, deno-puppeteer, and a few other open source libraries. Probably reading some web spec right now.

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