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Neil Jenkins

Compression: slashing the bytes for faster web apps

Neil Jenkins Front-end Engineering Lead Fastmail

We all know that compression is essential for delivering fast web apps. But how does it work? Is it just ✨magic✨?

We'll take a look at how compression shaves bytes off your downloads under the hood, and at what impact this can make on your page load time. Then we'll see how we can use JavaScript to compress your *uploads* too, turbo charging your SPA in poor network conditions.

Neil Jenkins

Neil is a director and UX architect at FastMail, where he has been pushing the boundaries of what's possible with web technology for over 15 years. He's constantly searching for anything that makes the user experience faster, smoother or more delightful.

Neil shares what he's learned both online, with articles for A List Apart and the FastMail blog, and offline at the local MelbJS meetup. He is the author of several open source JavaScript projects including Squire, a popular rich text editor, and Overture, the web app framework on which FastMail is built.

Over the last few years he's also been heavily involved in the standards world, most prominently as the author and primary editor of the JMAP specifications at the IETF: the next generation protocols for syncing email, contacts and calendars.

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