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Mark Dalgleish

Designing with Components

Mark Dalgleish Front-end Infrastructure Lead SEEK

Thanks to modern component-oriented architecture, the front-end community has been naturally gravitating towards design systems as a way of standardising our respective design languages into reusable components. When done successfully, it suddenly becomes trivial to translate standard designs into code. In fact, we may even find that this translation step starts to feel somewhat redundant.

In a world of components, how should our design processes change? How should our tooling change? How should we, as front-end developers, better enable this change? In this talk, we'll look at the current state of design and development, and where we could go—if we're willing to push for it.

Mark Dalgleish

Mark Dalgleish is the co-creator of CSS Modules, lead organizer of MelbJS, and Front-end Infrastructure Lead at SEEK. Having got his start with HTML and UI design at a young age, Mark has since developed a love of software engineering and open-source tooling, but always as a means to create elegant, usable experiences.

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