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Jason O'Neil

The Other 6 Billion

Jason O'Neil Front End Engineer Culture Amp

The web aims to be an inclusive platform, and when it comes to making our websites and apps more comfortable for a wide variety of people, we love to sweat the details: responsive design, accessibility, browser support. But what about the 6,000,000,000 people who don’t speak English? How can we make our online experiences accessible to everyone who speaks a language different to our own?

Let’s explore how the web standards in our toolkit can help build better experiences for people who don’t speak the same language as us. How do you translate videos or SVGs? Which HTML elements and CSS properties are likely to trip us up? How do Flexbox and CSS Grid help us build interfaces that support writing systems that flow in different directions to ours?

This talk will focus on practical front-end advice for localisation on the web - things I’ve learned while making our company’s platform available in 46 different languages - and show how our localisation efforts are a key part of building an inclusive web.

Jason O'Neil

Jason lives in Perth and works remotely as a front-end software engineer for Culture Amp. He loves thinking about ways we can improve developer experience, and make it easier and faster for us to make high quality, accessible websites and apps.

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