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We use it day in day out, but how much time do we invest in keeping out knowledge of JavaScript up to date? We get it (we’re developers too)–it often feels like a full time job just keeping up with what’s happening in front end technologies.

That’s what drives the programming at all our conferences–at the end of the day we want to help our attendees keep their knowledge current.

So, at Code, we have several sessions dedicated to JavaScript, to help you ensure your knowledge stays fresh.

  • Wonder kid (yes we know it’s wunderkind, don’t you watch Ted Lasso?) Anirudh Sharma helps us really understand what’s going on when our JavaScript executes in the browser (or on the server) with deep-dive into the V8 engine, the JavaScript runtime in Chrome (and Edge, Brave, Opera, Node, various edge platforms, database engines…) and learn how this knowledge can help you as a developer to write more optimized JavaScript code.
  • Josh Goldberg helps us debug our JavaScript better with static analysis, to have us detecting bugs, bad practices, and code smells at lightning speed
  • Phil Nash, takes a look at the top 5 JavaScript issues in all our codebases (yes probably even yours), why they are issues, and how to spot and avoid those common errors, issues or anti patterns.
  • Remus Mate gets us up to speed with The State of ES Modules. What is the state of play with modules in JavaScript (and Typescript, Node, Bun and elsewhere) in 2023? Let’s find out.
  • In a related talk (we like to do that sometimes) Omar Mashaal explores Import Maps, ESM & HTTP Imports, which allow us to both write and ship the same code, while still allowing incredibly powerful user experiences and complex interfaces.
  • And Dave Berner channels his inner Flavor Flave and says Don’t believe the hype! when it comes to the use of the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

Alongside talks on CSS, Web Assembly, browser APIs, performance, security and front end architecture, Code will have you up to date with the latest in all things front end engineering. See you in Melbourne (or on the live stream) in June.

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