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Anirudh Sharma

Mastering the JavaScript Engine: A Deep Dive into the V8

Anirudh Sharma Delhi Technological University Junior

Anirudh Sharma is a Junior at Delhi Technological University with more than two years of experience in full stack development and cloud ecosystem. He is a Major League Hacking Fellow and a part of TensorFlow.js Working Group. He loves to share his knowledge and experiences through blogs and developer conferences. He is also an active open source contributor and is interested about everything around Web and DevOps.

Mastering the JavaScript Engine: A Deep Dive into the V8

Do you write JavaScript but are unsure of how it is executed under the hood? Are you interested in knowing more amazing stuff about the V8 JavaScript engine? Attend this talk to get an in-depth overview of the JavaScript engine and learn how this knowledge can help you as a developer to write more optimized JavaScript code. You will learn how exactly your high-level code is converted to bytecode and then to the optimized machine code with the magic of the V8 engine.

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