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Josh Goldberg

Static Analysis: Shockingly Useful! ⚡️

Josh Goldberg Open Source Developer

Hi, I'm Josh! I'm a frontend developer with a passion for open source, static analysis, and the web. I'm a full time open source maintainer and work on projects in the TypeScript ecosystem such as typescript-eslint and TypeStat. I'm also the author of the Learning TypeScript book, published by O'Reilly. My work focuses on bringing accessible education to the masses in a sustainable way.

Static Analysis: Shockingly Useful! ⚡️

Wouldn’t you love to automatically zap code bugs before releasing to production? How about before your code even gets run? Static analysis tools scrutinize your code as you write it - giving you blazing fast feedback at development time. We’re going to go into how that works, why it’s useful, and -best of all- how to enable the best configurations for ESLint, TypeScript, and their associated tooling in your app.

We'll cover the tooling differences between formatters, linters, and type checkers, along with how to appropriately set up each of those tools for local development and CI/builds. We'll briefly skirt around the deep configuration rabbit holes one can joyously fall into when setting up ESLint plugins, then find ourselves using ESLint and TypeScript as documentation sources and to educate developers on general and team-specific best practices. This talk will have you detecting bugs, bad practices, and code smells at lightning speed! ⚡️

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All things front end development.

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