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Remus Mate

The State of ES Modules

Remus Mate Senior Software Engineer SEEK

Remus learned programming from a very early age, on a ZX Spectrum clone in post-communist Romania. He later learned web development by downloading documentation offline because access to the internet was scarce. More than twenty years later, he enjoys not having to deal with cross-browser issues, loves that browsers have tabs and access to high-speed internet on demand.

Having worked closely with the Adobe AIR, Flash and Flex teams more than ten years ago, he’s had an early glimpse into the future that could be. Today, he thinks TypeScript + React is way better than ActionScript + Flex and it’s an exciting time to be developing on the web.

He is currently working on developer tooling at SEEK and on Braid, SEEK’s design system. He’s also an active open source contributor on projects such as Vanilla Extract, Webpack, Vite, various Rollup plugins, and many others.

The State of ES Modules

While Node.js has implemented the CommonJS spec from the very beginning, it was never part of the ECMAScript standard. Modules were standardised in ECMAScript 2015 but adoption has been slow because Node.js, browsers, bundlers (and a little language called TypeScript) all had to agree on the implementation.

Where are we now? Let’s find out!

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