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Dave Berner

Don’t believe the hype!

Dave Berner Kinde

Dave is a frontend-leaning generalist living in Byron Bay, Australia. He has been coding since 1998 when spacer gifs, marquees and blink tags were the “new hotness”. He favours fundamentals over frameworks and simplicity over clever code.

He is the co-creator of, Roast, a lightweight, unorthodox, server-rendered architecture for programmers that are frustrated with the over-complexity of the current development landscape.

Don’t believe the hype!

We’ve all been guilty of it, a new technology comes along and you’re desperate to try it out. Before you know it, you’ve installed a bunch of dependencies, completed a brilliant “refactor” and shipped to prod. What you didn’t realise through all the high-fives and back-slapping with your team, is you’ve inadvertently shipped an extra 10mb of JS to the end user!

It’s not a new term but Hype Driven Development is more prevalent in the JavaScript ecosystem than ever. By the end of this talk you’ll see we may not need to JavaScript all the things and sometimes boring can be better…

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All things front end development.

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