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Sarah Atkinson

Prevailing The Transformation Pendulum

Sarah Atkinson Co-founder, Pragmateam

Transformation is hard. It is complex. It is multifaceted.

There is no clear right or wrong way to be successful; instead there are guiding principles to anchor to and contextual decisions to make.

In this session, Sarah will walk through examples of transformation learnings, with a particular focus on the importance of People and Culture.

  • What are the varied definitions and approaches to “transformation”?
  • How can we break transformations down into achievable slices rather than an overwhelming mammoth?
  • How does “leadership” change in this new world? What is the ask of our leaders?
  • What does it mean for the people, talent and underlying culture? How do we ensure our people are supported and thriving throughout a transformation?
  • What is the value of delivery during transformation for the end user?

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah is a practitioner and realist at heart. Curiosity, experimentation and pragmatism are at the core of Sarah’s DNA.

Her hands on experience and passion is backed by over 15 years of successfully building, coaching and leading teams through to working with senior executives.

Having led a number of large scale transformations, Sarah co-founded Pragmateam, to provide Agile transformation, training, coaching and delivery services with like-minded practitioners.

Sarah and team are now leading transformation initiatives in government agencies. Pragmateam is passionate about supporting leadership to achieve their strategic goals, whilst working closely with the teams on the ground to increase their capability through delivery.

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Australia's Digital Government Conference.

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What is Transform?

Australia's Digital Government Conference

As user centric approaches to Government service delivery, pioneered by the UK Government Digital Service change how Governments worldwide meet their citizen's needs, Web Directions brings you experts from the GDS, Code For America, the US Digital Service and Australia's own Digital Transformation Office to address this vital issue.

Whether you're in Federal, State or Local Government, or work with Governments of any level to deliver services, Transform will keep you up to date with developments in Government service design and delivery.

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Phil Whitehouse,
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I’ve been admiring the Web Directions events for years, and was honored to be part… What a fantastic event!

Ethan Marcotte,
inventor "responsive Web design"

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Out of any conference, Web Directions is far and away our favourite

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