Terence Huynh

All the things I learnt as a junior developer (...so you don't have to)

Terence Huynh Software Engineer Atlassian

Terence Huynh is a Software Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He currently works at Atlassian, the company behind such tools like Jira, Confluence and Trello used by thousands of teams worldwide.

In addition to his day job, Terence Huynh is the founder and one of the organisers of UNIHACK, Australia's premier student hackathon; and a technology blogger covering the industry.

All the things I learnt as a junior developer (...so you don't have to)

While every person's journey in the tech industry is different, there are a number of common roadblocks and issues that most of us - if not all - will face. Things like career progression, burnout, and how to deal with rejection.

Whether if you are a person starting out in their career, or looking to learn from someone else's misadventures and mistakes - At least this talks is better than aimlessly searching on Google.

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