Tadeh Hakopian

The Road Atlas: Visual Storytelling with Roadmaps

Tadeh Hakopian Program Manager

Tadeh has supported building large scale projects with diverse teams for over 10 years. By promoting open dialogue, systems thinking, and long term planning he has improved operational efficiencies in all his endeavors. He is a course author, trainer, and open source contributor as well as a speaker at national conferences in technology, architecture, design. He loves to talk about the new possibilities with technology and innovation at everyone’s disposal while building communities along the way.

The Road Atlas: Visual Storytelling with Roadmaps

Most people are visual learners who absorb information from visual aides (diagrams, images, compositions, charts) which helps us map that content in our minds. Everyone can benefit from seeing the ‘grand vision’ as a starting point for product launches. The problem is our conventional methods of learning are usually focused on text which may not resonate with people trying to get a sense of what they will be getting into.

One way to address the need to convey critical information to a group who may be visually biased in their learning is to use illustrations like Roadmaps. A Roadmap is a great way to showcase ideas, products and resonate with your team what the big plans are. Beyond just a simple chart or diagram they can be useful as communication documents to align all stakeholders and get ready to dive into the details. Learn what is possible with using an illustrative Roadmap to tell a story and inform your team on all the critical details in an intuitive and fun way.

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